JB Claims Legal Services


JB Claims Legal Services

Small Claims Court

Small Claims Court is a branch of the Superior Court of Justice. In Ontario it deals with civil disputes of a monetary value of up to $25,000.00, but can be even more with costs and disbursements included. The rules and procedures of the Small Claims Court may seem simplified and easy to just fill in the required forms although a legal representative will be able to represent you and your case in a much more professional and experienced manner. Examples of Claims that can be filed in the Small Claims Court jurisdiction: Unpaid accounts for goods or services Unpaid loans Unpaid rent Property damage Personal injuries Breach of contract At our office we prepare and submit all the required forms for your claim, we do substantive research for your case to obtain case law so we can use precedent cases to defend your case. Furthermore, when it comes time for trial, we represent our clients in the greatest way possible with our best effort forward.

Traffic Tickets

First rule is you always fight a traffic ticket, ignoring it is not the solution. The traffic tickets will not go away on their own and can affect a person’s driving record in a very undesirable way while causing your insurance rate to increase intensely. At our office we are experienced in fighting traffic tickets and summons, and we have a very desirable success rate. In the 25 years of business, the company has saved countless amounts of clients in going through the irritation of demerit points on your record and preventing an increase in insurance rates. We defend and represent clients on all types of tickets. The obligation to our client is clear, we do our utmost and best to serve and protect all of the client’s interests. Never just go ahead and pay the fine, talk to us first and we will advise you accordingly.

Landlord and Tenant Dispute

There are certain laws in Canada that set out the rights and responsibilities of the Landlord and Tenant when renting residential property. Our company is experienced and deals with all the necessary forms that are required for Landlord and Tenant Board. These forms are very stringent and are required for an effective result. There are many requirements needed to represent either party effectively and our office ensures that they are constantly met. Our office also has the expertise and experience in dealing with mediation firms and mediators, and we can provide our clients the opportunity to settle the dispute peacefully through a mediation agreement. In the case, that the client wishes their claim be fought at the Landlord and Tenant Board then we proceed according to their instruction and represent them accordingly. Motor Vehicle Accidents and Bodily Injury Claims.

Motor Vehicle Accidents and Bodily Injury Claims

When someone suffers an injury, the first objective is getting better. Since Personal Injury law is a specialized field, it is important an experienced and knowledgeable individual is on your side. These laws are complex. If you have been injured and are facing a difficult scenario in dealing with it, JB Claims is here to help you ensure that you are compensated for your losses.

Useful Resources

Law Society of Upper Canada: www.lsuc.on.ca The Law Society regulates Ontario lawyers and paralegal licensees in the public interest. Citizenship and Immigration Canada: www.cic.gc.ca Find all about migrating to Canada and the citizenship process. Landlord and Tenant Board: www.ltb.gov.on.ca This website provides information about the Residential Tenancies Act (RTA) and has all the required forms. Ministry of the Attorney General: www.attorneygeneral.jus.gov.on.ca Justice Ontario provides easy-to-use information access to legal resources. Workplace Safety and Insurance Board: www.wsib.on.ca Information for workers, large employers or small business owners. Department of Justice: www.canada.justice.gc.ca The Department supports the Minister of Justice in his responsibilities. The Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario: www.hrto.ca This web site is your gateway to the HRTO application process. Public Access to Justice: www.publicaccesstojustice.ca/ Working on behalf of Ontarians to expand access to justice Paralegal Society of Ontario: www.paralegalsociety.on.ca The Paralegal Society of Ontario represents the interests of licensed paralegals across Ontario. Canadian Legal Information Institute: www.canlii.org CanLII is a non-profit organization managed by the Federation of Law Societies of Canada, it has a large archive of cases that the public has access to. Canadian Legal Research: www.legalresearch.org An instructional guide to Canadian legal research