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JB Claims Legal Services Professional Corporation has been in business for over 25 years with a specialization in numerous areas of law. The company focuses on Provincial Offences Matters, Traffic tickets, Landlord and Tenant matters, Small Claims/Debt Recovery cases, Minor Criminal convictions under $5,000.00, Motor Vehicle Accidents and Bodily Injury Claims. The company has an excellent success rate and aims to provide its clients with quality and affordable legal representation. We are proud members of the Law Society who promote ethical standards and are dedicated to provide competent and prompt service.

The office is located in Thornhill on Yonge Street between Royal Orchard and Hwy 7.

Jack Berger

JB Claims Legal Services

Professional Corporation

8131 Yonge St., Suite 209
Thornhill, Ontario

L3T 2C6

Tel:   (905) 764-6643
Fax:  (905) 764-0011
E-Mail: jbclaimslegal@rogers.com